Studienkolleg Germany

Preparatory courses for the admission of international students to German universities

Studienkolleg in Germany

What is a Studienkolleg

A Studienkolleg prepares prospective students for studies at a German university whose school qualifications, although recognized in their home country, are not recognized in Germany as a university entrance qualification (HZB).

There are university and university of applied sciences (Fachhochschule) colleges, as well as private and state Studienkollegs.

Who needs a Studienkolleg

If you have obtained a school qualification abroad that qualifies you for university studies, you can, in principle, study at a German university or college. However, in most cases, a qualification from a foreign school is not sufficient to be admitted directly to a German university (university entrance qualification, Hochschulzugangsberechtigung).

At a Studienkolleg, you can prepare for an examination known as the 'Feststellungsprüfung' for one year. After successfully passing this examination, you will be granted the university entrance qualification (Hochschulzugangsberechtigung), which allows you to study at any university in Germany.

Requirements for admission to the Studienkolleg

School graduation

School graduation and university entrance qualification from your home country must be recognized in Germany

Language skills

Good German language skills (Level B1 / partially B2 of the European Framework of Reference)

Sufficient financial means

Sufficient funds for living in Germany (proof of adequate financial means)


Valid visa if you come from a country outside the EU / EEA

Courses at the Studienkolleg

The focus course (T-, M-, W-, G-, or S-course) at the Studienkolleg you have chosen corresponds to your desired field of study - for example, Medicine (M), Engineering (T), or Business (W)


For a mathematical, scientific, or technical study


For studies in the fields of Medicine, Biology, or Pharmacy


Preparation for economic and social science programs


Humanities, social sciences, and artistic programs


Preparation for language-related programs

Preparatory course

Preparatory course for admission to the Studienkolleg in case of lacking proof of sufficient language skills

FAQs about the Studienkolleg

Frequently Asked Questions

You can also find these and many more questions and answers about the Studienkolleg organized by topic on our FAQ page

Do I have to study where I completed the Studienkolleg?

No, with the passed Feststellungsprüfung, it is possible to apply to any university, college, or higher education institution. Only in North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) are there specific determination examinations that also qualify for application to a university only within NRW.

Is it possible to transfer to another Studienkolleg while I am studying at one?

In general, transferring to another Studienkolleg is not possible. In justified exceptional cases, the respective management of both Studienkollegs makes the decision on this matter.

Where can I find out which Studienkolleg leads to my field of study?

The university where you have applied for a study place will inform you whether direct admission to the program is possible or if you need to complete a Studienkolleg.
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